B.Ed. Program

Tenure: Two year, NCTE approved Program

NCTE Recognition order No. and Date :- WRC/APP2776/223/271/182873,2875,2876

Today the education is using the scientific method of psychology in the field of teaching, learning and training. The Bachelor of Education (B.ED) is a regular, Two year, NCTE approved Program.

Objective: 1. It aims at developing teaching skills and competencies required by practicing teachers for effective teaching-learning process at the Secondary Stage.

2.It develops knowledge and understanding of essential areas required by teachers in the emerging socio-cultural, political and technological context in general, and education system in particular.

3.The Two-year course, based on the recommendations of the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), and designed to meet the professional requirements of secondary school teachers, provides quality teachers for secondary schools in Science and Maths, and Languages and Social Sciences.

4.Field Work with Community is one of the activities in which students of B.Ed. are involved, besides Work Experience, Physical Education, and Aesthetic Education.

5.It exposes them to the realities of life that help them develop the skills they would require while interacting with the community in future.